Shoulder Straps

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Perfect for medical device manufacturers, sporting goods designers, and even power tool manufacturers, our custom polypropylene and nylon shoulder straps and webbing are engineered to meet your every need. With custom webbing, lengths and widths available, MPS wants to help you get products to market faster and on-time.

Unlike commodity “sewing” shops, MPS strives to provide you with more than just high quality polypropylene and nylon shoulder straps, we have been helping OEMs custom design the best straps to fit their unique products and objectives. With our custom supply chain and managed inventory programs, we quickly get you exactly what you need to save time and money and help you get your product where it needs to go.

For years, leading companies have relied on our contract and custom polypropylene and nylon webbing/strap manufacturing for consistent and proven quality, cost reduction and attention to logistics and delivery requirements. With MPS, you get a partner who is dedicated to your company’s well-being and we will work hard to understand exactly what your company needs.

For more information about our custom polypropylene and nylon webbing and supporting supply chain solutions, contact us today. We are excited to partner with your company for all your custom webbing shoulder strap needs!

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